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Friendly Service

We are a janitorial service with a mission that’s consistent with your business. Here’s what makes us different:

Job Opportunities

We are committed to equality and diversity and we welcome applications from people who meet our selection criteria, regardless of sex, race or disability.


Our janitorial services work with your business to establish all the things every great business needs- a clean environment and efficient workspace.

Someone was once rumored to ask a janitor at NASA, “What’s your job here?” Without hesitation, he responded, “To launch rockets!”

Moving Fast

Business moves fast these days. You spend so much time getting things done, there’s little time to keep your workspace clean. The cleaning services at CSS Janitorial works with businesses all around Atlanta to keep you focused on what matters most- getting the job done.

Our janitorial services work with businesses of all industries and sizes to ensure their offices make the best possible impression. Our goal is to establish 100% customer satisfaction with all our customers. We realize that your efficiency depends upon having a clean environment, that’s why you need a janitor that has a keen eye for details and will work with you to accomplish your business mission.

The Staff

The staff at CSS Janitorial has the same mindset- your business goals become ours. We look for ways to make your work environment clean and efficient. We will work with your business to develop a cleaning service that matches your needs as well as your budget. We back up our service with a 24-hour commercial office cleaning guarantee.

When it comes to professional janitorial services, we offer the best in the market. Some of the cleaning services we offer include:


  • Customized cleaning services
  • Customized budget solutions
  • Quality assurance
  • Cost and time efficiency
  • Hands on supervisors
  • Skilled work force
  • Green cleaning solutions
  • 24 hour service
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Let us change the atmosphere of your workspace


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